After moving to Bentonville from Chicago in 2017, our family began making sourdough bread because, well, it's delicious! With an opening in the mid-week farmer's market, and a nudge from several friends, we decided to see how it would go selling the bread we made for our family in 2018. Since then, the bakery has grown and changed in different ways than we'd ever imagined.

For bakers and bread nerds, we are currently baking out of a Rofco B40 after spending the better part of three years producing 20-40 loaves using cast irons and mostly our home oven. We use a home fridge to cold proof our bread, and just recently sprang for a used Doyon mixer to mix up bagels, pretzels, and cinnamon rolls when we make them. Little by little, we have purchased nicer equipment over the years, but it all started with four combo cookers and a pretty mediocre Whirlpool oven from the 80s.


Our family is an essential ingredient in everything we make.

From tasting new recipes, to providing the love that you can hopefully taste in each baked good, Hazel, Robbie and I make up The Family Crumb. We also have family and framily nearby who have helped in more ways than I can count to make this bakery keep on chugging along. Thank you to all of the family who make this bakery work.