Bread Club

Welcome to the Bread Club! 

What is Bread Club?
Bread Club is a subscription for a weekly Bentonville Loaf for pickup in downtown Bentonville on Tuesdays. 

When & Where
Pickup is Tuesdays between 12-9pm at our house-- 502 SW 11th St-- inside the metal cabinet on the front porch. We’ll send a reminder text on pickup day when your bread is ready! 

Bread Club members get 10% off the regular price of Bentonville Loaves (so they’re $9 each for subscribers). Before the first bake of the month, we will send a Venmo request to you for the month of bread. The amount will vary depending on how many Tuesdays there are in the month. This will need to be paid in full before the first pickup in order to receive your bread. If you start your subscription in the middle of the month, we’ll prorate the amount. 

Subscriber Cancellations
We can make space on a limited basis for one to two cancellations in a month, but please let us know at least 48 hours in advance of any cancellations. If you can’t pick up your bread after that time, we would be happy to give it to friends and neighbors of The Family Crumb. 

Baker Cancellations
We will try to let you know at the start of the month if there are any changes to the bake schedule.

Sign up for Bread Club by emailing!